Solid Modeling Solutions Libraries
The Solid Modeling Solutions Libraries form a comprehensive suite of NURBS based geometric modeling kernels.

The SMS geometry library products include:

  • NLib(TM) - The NURBS Library provides an extensive set of routines for constructing and manipulating NURBS curves and surfaces. The algoithms of NLib are based on The NURBS Book by Piegl and Tiller.
  • SDLib(TM) - The SubDivisionLibrary is a SubDivision Surfaces library that can be used  for the construction and manipulation of subdivision surfaces, using the Catmull-Clark algorithm,  and then output the resulting surface(s) as a NURBS, for use in SMLib.
  • GSNLib(TM) - The General Surface NURBS Library is an object-oriented software toolkit, based on NLib, with methods to create, edit, query and intersect NURBS curves and surfaces. GSNLib is designed to support the development of a wide variety of NURBS based surface applications.
  • TSNLib(TM) - The Trimmed Surface NURBS Library is an expanded object-oriented software toolkit, based on GSNLib, with an extensive set of methods to create, edit, query, and intersect NURBS based trimmed surface representations.  TSNLib is designed to support the development of NURBS based trimmed surface applications that do not require the Boolean operation that is basic to solid modeling.
  • SMLib(TM) - The Solid Modeling Library is a complete and powerful object-oriented geometric modeling kernel, based onTSNLib, with a fully functional non-manifold topological structure and solid modeling functionality. SMLib is designed to support the development of NURBS based solid modeling applications that require the Boolean operation that is the core of solid modeling.
  • SDLib(TM) - The SubDivision Surfaces Library that allows users to model objects as Subdivision Surfaces, and convert the results into SMLib NURBS Objects.
  • VSLib(TM) - VSLib provides deformable modeling as part of a library using the constrained optimization techniques of the calculus of variations. The library supports several very different geometric operations:
  • PolyMLib(TM) - The Polygon Mesh Library  is an object-oriented software toolkit  that provides a set of objects and corresponding methods to repair, optimize, review and edit triangle mesh models.
  • Data translators - SMS offers optional NURBS-based IGES, STEP, VDAFS, SAT, Parasolid, Catia, Unigraphics, ProEngineer, SolidWorks and OpenNURBS geometry translator libraries with interfaces for the NLib, GSNLib, TSNLib, and SMLib  products.  (Some translators require an libraries from Datakit)