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SMS and the "Source Code Advantage"
Source Code Distribution

Solid Modeling Solutions subscribes to the philosophy of source code distribution for application developers. In other words, we provide source code, not just object code. Besides creating a more transparent relationship between SMS and its customers, source code distribution resolves many software development challenges.

For example, the ability to step into source code makes software much easier to use and debug. Users can quickly assess the validity of their input parameters and the validity of their assumptions about how the algorithm works. Furthermore, customers have access to the same documentation and comments available to SMS developers. Often the source code itself provides valuable examples of how to use the many tools available.

Application developers are therefore empowered to make better use of SMLib. Source code distribution allows users to make use of the entire library, not just the functions available through an API. In addition, it is easy to make custom modifications or add to the library.

Source code distribution also allows customers to build SMlib on any platform. Customers are not restricted by the platforms available to SMS. Furthermore, customers can build their applications using custom compiler settings (32 bit/64 bit, Unicode/MCBS, etc) without having to request a new release.

With source code, turn around time for code improvements are minimized. Customers do not have to wait for the next scheduled release to receive bug fixes or new functions. Source code distribution enables SMS to hand over improvements immediately.

Our reputation is based on the value and quality of the source code, but it also is solidly founded in the support of our products. We have a strong commitment to the evolution of the technology, and we are extremely focused on communication with our community of users. We believe source code distribution is necessary to reach all of these goals.

Customer Comments
  • "SMLib looks to be very interesting. I'm especially attracted by the fact that it is distributed in source code form. I hate opaque black boxes! Also the licensing terms seem to fit our needs."

  • "Gotta love source code, and the VC++ debugger! This problem only slowed me down for 5 minutes, whereas if this was an object library it would have been a week in the very best circumstances."

  • With respect to SMLib selection as one of the "Top 10 Software for 1998" by IEEE Computer & Graphics Applications, one of our customers said: "Congratulations! It's certainly one of my personal top 10."

  • "In my opinion, the quality of the code is excellent - world class..."

  • "...the support is nothing less than phenomenal. "

  • From a major software developer regarding geometry kernel independence: "The destiny of software developers that stick with ACIS or Parasolid will be inextricably linked to Dassault or Unigraphics. Any competitor posing risk to either company could put itself in jeopardy of delays in receiving updates, bug fixes, and contract renewals."
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