PolyMLib is an object-oriented software toolkit that provides a set of objects and corresponding methods to repair, optimize, review and edit triangle mesh models.  It can be used to analyze surface properties, such as smoothness and curvature distribution, as well as to repair and optimize surface meshes. Hence, it is well suited to post-process meshes emerging from a 3D scanning process.  These meshes often contain topological inconsistencies and geometric artifacts like measurement noise, and also the mesh complexity usually needs to be reduced.


A fully functioning graphical demonstration program is provided to illustrate how to use the functionality. Full documentation, examples and training can be provided to allow quick and easy understanding of the functions available.



Functionality Summary


Mesh Repair

    Fix Topology

  •     Mesh statistics

  •      Detect/Remove short edges

  •     Detect/Remove caps (triangles with very large angle)

  •     Detect/Remove Valence 3 vertices

  •     Detect/Remove Skinny triangles

  •      Detect Fold-overs

  •      Flip orientation

  •     Snap Boundary

    Manual Fixes

  •      Delete face

  •     Add face

  •    Split face

  •    Delete edge

  •    Flip edge

  •  Split edge

    Remove Degeneracy

  •     Short edges

  •     Caps

  •     Valence 3 vertices

    Hole Repair

  •     Detect

  •     Fill

  •     Smoothly interpolate hole boundary

  •     Avoid self-intersections

  •     Adapt vertex density to hole boundary

  •     Construct regular tessellation to fill-in patch


Mesh Optimization


  •     Hinged membrane approach (soap film)

  •     Clamped thin plate approach (avoid high bending)

  •     Geometric smoothness

  •     Parametric smoothness


  •     Distance tolerance

  •     Normal deviation

  •     Edge Length

  •     Aspect Ratio

  •     Number of triangles


  •     Isotropic

  •     Target edge length control

  •     Uniform vertex distribution

  •     Close to equilateral triangles

  •     Regular tessellation (mostly valence 6 vertices)


Mesh Quality Control


  •     Distance comparison

  •     Normal comparison

  •     Curvature comparison



  •     Reflection Lines

  •     Realistic Material rendering

  •     Interactive Slicing


  •      Minimum and Maximum curvature

  •     Mean curvature

  •     Gaussian curvature


  •     Flat shading

  •     Gouraud shading

  •     Phong shading


Shape Editing

    Region Definition

  •     Define Deformable Area

  •     Define Handle

  •     Translate, Rotate, Scale

    Distance Surface Behaviour

  •     Tangent continuity maintained

  •     Isotropic or Anisotropic deformations

  •     Maintain small surface detail


Legal Stuff

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