NLib Functionality


Creation of common curves

  1. Circles and circular arcs
    N_CreateCircArc     Create a circle/circular arc
    N_CreateQuadraticArc     Create a quadratic circle/circular arc
    N_CreateQuarticArc     Create a quartic degree 4 circle/circular arc
    N_CreateQuinticArc     Create a quintic circle/circular arc
    N_CreateCubicSemiCircle     Create a cubic semi-circle
    N_CreateBoundedCircArc     Create Bezier cubic/quartic circular arc <=180 degrees
    N_ApproxCircArcWithCrv     Approximate circle full or arc with non-rational curve
  2. Conics and conic arcs
    N_CreateEllipticalArc     Create a ellipse/elliptical arc
    N_CreateConicArc     Create a conic arc
  3. Straight line segments
    N_CrvLineFromPtAndVector     Create a line as a curve
  4. Degenerate point curve
    N_CrvDegenFromPt     Create point as a degenerate curve

Creation of common surfaces

  1. Bilinear surfaces and planes
    N_CreateSrfCornerPts     Create bilinear surface
  2. Cones and cylinders full or patches
    N_CreateCylCone     Create a cylinder/cone surface/patch
  3. Spheres and tori full or patches
    N_CreateSphere     Create a sphere/spherical patch
    N_CreateTorus     Create a torus/toroidal patch
    N_FitSphereToPtsGlobal       Best fitting sphere to a set of points
    N_FitSphereToPtsLocal       Best fitting sphere to a set of points
    N_ApproxRevolvedSrfWithSrf       Non-rational approximation of surface of revolution
    N_ApproxSphereWithSrf       Non-rational approximation of sphere
    N_ApproxTorusWithSrf       Non-rational approximation of a torus
  4. General extruded surfaces TABCYL
    N_CreateSrfExtrudeCrv     Create a generalized cylinder
  5. Ruled surfaces
    N_CreateRuledSrf     Create a ruled surface between two arbitrary curves
    N_CreateRuledSrfFromBoundaryCrvs     Ruled surface of two curves using symbolic operators
  6. Surfaces of revolution full or partial
    N_CreateRevolvedSrf     Create surface of revolution
  7. Ellipsoids, elliptic paraboloids and hyperboloids of one sheet full or patches
    N_CreateEllipsoid     Create a ellipsoid/patch
    N_CreateHyperboloid     Create a hyperboloid of one sheet/hyperbolic patch
    N_CreateParaboloid     Create a elliptic paraboloid/patch

Advanced surface construction methods

  1. Swung surfaces
    N_CreateSwungSrf     Create a swung surface
  2. Interpolative skinning, with or without a spine curve
    N_CreateSkinSpine     General spine curve-based surface skinning
  3. Approximative skinning with error bound specified yields impressive data reduction
    N_CreateSkinSrf     General surface skinning
    N_CreateSkinSrfApproxTol     Approximative surface skinning with error bound
    N_CreateSkinSrfApprox     Approximative surface skinning
    N_CreateSkinSrfApproxParams     Approximate surface skinning with given knot vector
    N_CreateSkinSrfParams     Surface skinning with given parameters and knot vector
  4. Interpolative and approximative skinning with rail curves and cross-boundary continuity constraints
    N_CreateSkinSrfBoundaryContinuity     Approximate skinning with boundary conditions and rails
  5. Translational swept surface
    N_CreateTransSweepSrf     Create a translational sweep surface
  6. Swept surface, arbitrary trajectory curve, interpolative or approximative to within specified error bound
    N_CreateSweepSrf     Create a swept surface
    N_CreateSweepScale     Swept NURBS surface with boundary conditions
  7. Gordon surface through a compatible curve network
    N_CreateGordonSrf     Gordon surface through compatible non-rational curves
  8. Bilinear Coons surface
    N_CreateCoonsSrf     Bilinear Coons surface through four boundary curves
  9. Bicubic Coons surface
    N_CreateCoonsBoundaryCrvs     Bicubic Coons surface through boundary and derivatives
    N_CreateCoonsSrfTwist     Bicubic Coons surface through four boundary curves
  10. N-sided patch
    N_FillNSidedHole     N-sided patch construction to boundary and derivatives
  11. Join surfaces
    N_SrfJoin     Join two surfaces at a common boundary

Creation of curves and surfaces by data fitting

  1. Global curve interpolation to point data arbitrary degree
    N_FitCrvInterp     Global curve interpolation with arbitrary degree
    N_FitCrvInterpGivenParams     Curve interpolation with specified knot vector
  2. Global curve interpolation to point and end derivative data arbitrary degree
    N_FitCrvDerivs     Curve interpolation with end derivatives specified
    N_FitCrvTangents     Curve interpolation with end tangents specified  
    N_FitCrvDerivsMatrix     Curve interpolation with end derivatives and matrix
    N_FitCrvDerivMatrix     Curve interpolation with end derivative and matrix
    N_FitCrvFirstDeriv     Curve interpolation with first derivatives specified
    N_FitCrvFirstDerivAndKnots     Curve interpolation with first derivatives & knot vector
    N_FitCrvKnotsAndDerivs     Curve interpolation with end derivatives and knot vector
    N_FitCrvLstSqEnds     Least Squares Curve Fit to Points, with End Conditions
    N_FitCrvKnotsAndDeriv     Curve interpolation with end derivative and knot vector
  3. Cubic spline curve interpolation
    N_FitCubicSplineInterp     Cubic spline interpolation
  4. Global least squares curve approximation to point data arbitrary degree
    N_FitCrvWeightedLstSq     Weighted & constrained least-squares curve approximation
    N_FitCrvWeightedLstSqPeriodic     Weighted/constrained least-squares periodic with knot vector
    N_FitCrvWeightedLstSqKnots     Weighted/constrained least-squares with knot vector
    N_FitCrvApprox     Curve approximation with error bound specified
    N_FitCrvApproxKnots     Curve approximation with specified knot vector
    N_FitCrvCubicApprox     Data approximation with piecewise cubic segments
    N_FitCrvApproxKnotsAndTangentsTol     Curve approximation with error bound & end constraints
    N_ApproxConeWithSrf     Non-rational approximation of cylinder or cone
    N_ApproxArcWithCrv     Non-rational approximation of a circle or arc
    N_FitArcToPts     Best fitting circle or circular arc to a set of points
    N_FitCrvCubicTangents     Local NL_C1 cubic curve interpolation with end tangents
    N_FitHermite     Fit Hermite curve to end kth and (k+1)th derivatives
    N_FitLineToPts     Best fitting line segment to a set of random points
    N_FitPlaneToPts     Best fitting plane to random points
    N_FitCrvLstSqEnds     Least squares curve fit to points
  5. Approximation of the offset of a curve
    N_CrvOffset     Offset of NLib curve
    N_CrvOffsetFuncVariableDir     Functional offset of NLib curve using point sampling
    N_CrvOffsetApprox     Approximate offset of NLib curve with nonrational curve
    N_CrvOffsetPtSampling     Offset of NLib curve using point sampling
  6. Offset of a connected set of curves with trimming and filleting
  7. Approximation of procedurally defined curves to within tolerance
    N_ApproxProcCrvWithCrv     Approximate procedural curve with error bound specified
  8. Mapping of a uv-domain curve onto its surface
    N_ApproxCrvOnSrfWithCrv     Approximate curve on surface from uv-curve
  9. Approximation of a curve with a nonrational curve of specified degree
    N_ApproxNurbsWithNonRatCrv     Approximate curve with non-rational curve
    N_ApproxG1CrvWithCrv     Approximate any NL_G1 NLib curve with nonrational curve
    N_ApproxCrvWithPolyline     Piecewise linear polygonal approximation of a curve
  10. Global surface interpolation to point data arbitrary degrees
    N_FitSrfToPts     Global surface interpolation with arbitrary degrees
    N_FitSrfInterpTangents     Surface interpolation with tangent constraints
    N_FitSrfToPtsKnots     Surface interpolation with given knot vectors
  11. Global least squares surface approximation to point data arbitrary degrees
    N_FitSrfLstSqApprox     Global surface appoximation with arbitrary degree
    N_FitSrfApproxTol     Surface approximation with error bound specified
    N_FitSrfApproxTangentsTol     Surface approximation with error bounds and tangents
    N_FitSrfLstSqKnots     Surface approximation with given knot vectors
    N_FitSrfLstSqBoundary     Least squares surface approximation to random points
    N_FitSrfLstSqPeriodic     Periodic Least squares approximation to random points
    N_fitRandomPN   Surface fit to random Points and Normals
    N_FitPtsNormals Surface fit to array of Points, Normals
  12. Approximation of the offset of a surface
    N_SrfOffsetFunc     Functional offset Surface using point sampling
    N_SrfOffset     Offset of   surface using point sampling
  13. Approximation of a surface with a nonrational surface of specified degree
    N_ApproxNurbsWithNonRatSrf     Approximate surface with non-rational surface
  14. Global weighted and constrained least squares curve approximation arbitrary degree
  15. Local NL_C1-continuous non-rational cubic curve interpolation
    N_FitCrvCubic     Curve interpolation with NL_C1 non-rational cubic curves
  16. Local NL_G1- or NL_C1-continuous parabolic curve interpolation
    N_FitCrvParabArcs     Curve interpolation with piecewise parabolic arcs
  17. Local NL_G1-continuous rational quadratic curve interpolation
    N_FitCrvConics     Curve interpolation with piecewise conic arcs
  18. NL_G1-continous bi-arc curve interpolation
    N_FitCrvArcs     Curve interpolation with piecewise circular arcs
  19. Local data approximation with NL_G1-continuous quadratic curves
    N_FitCrvConicsApprox     Data approximation with piecewise conic segments
  20. Local data approximation with NL_G1-continuous cubic curves
  21. Global curve approximation / data reduction with error bound specified arbitrary degree
  22. Local NL_C1,1-continuous non-rational bicubic surface interpolation
    N_FitSrfInterpBicubic     Surface interpolation with C11 bicubic surfaces
  23. Global surface approximation / data reduction with error bound specified arbitrary degree
  24. Curve/surface interpolation and approximation functions that allow specification of boundary constraints, including tangent/derivative vectors

Evaluation of curves and surfaces

  1. Compute point and derivatives of arbitrary order on a curve
    N_CrvEval     Compute a point on a curve
    N_CrvDerivs     Compute derivatives of a curve
    N_CrvEvalTangent     Unit tangent and point of a curve
  2. Compute the Frenet frame on a curve at a given point
    N_CrvEvalFrenetFrame     Compute the Frenet frame of a curve at a given point
  3. Compute point and partial derivatives of arbitrary order on a NURBS surface
    N_SrfEvalPt     Compute a point on a surface
    N_SrfDerivs     Compute derivatives of a surface
  4. Compute the surface normal vector at a given point
    N_SrfEvalPtPtDerivNormal     Compute the surface normal at given parameter values
    N_SrfEvalPtNormalDeriv     Compute 1st and 2nd derivatives of UNIT surface normal
  5. Compute curvature on curves and surfaces
    N_CrvGetCurvatureDeriv     Compute derivative of curvature of curve
    N_CrvEvalCurvature     Compute curvature and osculating circle of a curve
    N_SrfEvalPtCurvature     Compute Gaussian, mean and principal curvatures
    N_SrfEvalPtDerivCPt     Derivative of a NURBS surface wrt a control point
  6. Cross Boundary derivatives
    N_CreateDerivField   Cross-boundary derivative from surface, end twists and derivatives
    N_CrossBoundaryDerivsVectorField Cross-boundary derivative data from vector field

Transformations, projections and interactive shaping tools

  1. Translation, rotation and scaling of curves and surfaces
    N_CrvTranslate     Translate a curve N_CrvFromCrvTranslation Translate a curve, but not in place
    N_CrvRotateAboutAxis     Rotate a curve about a general axis
    N_CrvScale     Scale a curve with respect to a point
    N_CrvTransform     Transform a curve given a 4x4 matrix
    N_SrfTranslate     Translate a surface
    N_SrfRotateAtPt     Rotate a surface about a general axis
    N_SrfScale     Scale a surface with respect to a point
    N_SrfTransform     Transform a surface given a 4x4 matrix
  2. Parallel and perspective projection of curves and surfaces onto a plane
    N_CrvProjectOntoPlane     Project a curve onto a plane
    N_SrfProjectOntoPlane     Project a surface onto a plane
  3. Reposition curve/surface control points to obtain desired translational changes
    N_CrvShapeModifyCPts     Reposition curve control points
    N_SrfShapeModifyCPts     Reposition surface control points
  4. Modify curve/surface weights to obtain desired perspective changes
  5. Curve warping
    N_CrvShapeWarp     Warp curve
    N_CrvShapeApproxPts     Shape curve to approximate given points
    N_CrvShapeApproxPtsUpdate     Shape curve to approximate given points
    N_CrvShapeInterp     Shape curve to interpolate given points
    N_CrvShapeDerivConstraintsOver     Constraint-based curve shaping with interp or approx
    N_FitCrvShape     Interpolate points based on curve shaping
  6. Surface region warping and polyline warping
    N_SrfShapeRegionWarp     Surface region warp
    N_SrfShapePolylineWarp     Surface polyline warp
  7. Curve flattening
    N_CrvShapeFlatten     Flatten a curve
  8. Surface modification
    N_SrfShapeFlatten     Flatten a surface
    N_SrfShapeApproxPts   Shape surface to approximate given points
    N_SrfShapeDerivConstraints   Constraint-based surface shaping with interp or approx
    N_SrfShapeInterp   Shape surface to interpolate given points
  9. Curve bending
    N_CrvShapeBend     Bend a curve
  10. Surface axial and central bending
    N_SrfShapeAxialBend     Surface axial bending
    N_SrfShapeCentralBend     Surface central bending
  11. Curve axial deformations: pinch, taper, twist and shear
    N_CrvShapeAxialDeform     Axial deformations of curves
  12. Surface axial deformations: pinch, taper, twist and shear
    N_SrfShapeAxialDeform     Axial deformations of surfaces
    N_FitSrfApproxShape     Approximatte random points based on surface shaping
    N_FitSrfInterpShape     Interpolate points based on surface shaping
  13. Constraint-based curve modification via control point repositioning
    N_CrvShapeDerivConstraints     Constraint-based curve modification
  14. Constraint-based surface modification via control point repositioning

Geometric tools

  1. Knot insertion and knot refinement curves and surfaces
    N_CrvInsertKnot     Insert a knot into a curve
    N_CrvRefine     Refine a curve with a given knot vector
    N_tooCrvCleanSpans Curve remove excessive knots and control points
    N_SrfInsertKnot     Insert a new knot into a surface
    N_SrfReplaceKnotVector     Refine a surface with a given knot vector
    N_BasisSplitLongestSpan     Add knots to knot vector
    N_BasisIncreaseKnotMult     Increase multiplicity of internal knots
    N_BasisInsertKnots     Refine knot vector
    N_BasisSplitNLongestSpans     Refine knot interval
  2. Inverse knot insertion curves and surfaces
    N_CrvInverseKnotInsert     Curve inverse knot insertion
    N_SrfInsertKnotPt     Surface inverse knot insertion
  3. Decomposition into piecewise Bezier form curves and surfaces
    N_CrvDecomposeBez     Decompose a curve into Bezier pieces
    N_SrfDecomposeToBez     Decompose a surface into Bezier patches
  4. Knot removal curves and surfaces, including "cleaning" routines data reduction with boundary constraints
    N_CrvRemoveKnots     Remove all removable knots from a curve
    N_CrvRemoveAllKnotsConstraints     Remove all removable knots from curve with constraints
    N_CrvRemoveKnot     Remove one knot multiple times from a curve
    N_CrvShapeRemoveKnots     Remove all removable knots from a curve being shaped
    N_SrfRemoveAllKnots     Remove all removable knots from a surface
    N_SrfRemoveKnotConditional     Remove one knot from a surface multiple times
    N_SrfRemoveKnotsKeepBoundaries     Remove knots from surface with boundary constraints
    N_SrfShapeRemoveKnots     Remove all removable knots from a surface being shaped
  5. Degree elevation curves and surfaces
    N_CrvElevateDegree     Elevate the degree of a curve
    N_SrfElevateDegree     Elevate the degree of a surface
  6. Degree reduction curves and surfaces
    N_CrvReduceDegreeOnce     Reduce the degree of a curve
    N_CrvReduceDegree     Reduce the degree of a curve as much as possible
    N_SrfReduceDegree     Reduce the degree of a surface
    N_SrfReduceDegreeToTol     Reduce the degree of a surface as much as possible
  7. Subcurve and subsurface extraction
    N_CrvExtractCrvSeg     Extract a curve segment from a curve
    N_SrfExtractPatch     Extract a segment patch from a surface
    N_SrfExtractBoundaryCrvs     Extract boundary curves from surface
  8. Curve and surface splitting
    N_CrvSplit     Split a curve at a given parameter
    N_SrfSplit     Split a surface at a given parameter
  9. Extraction of isoparametric curves from surfaces
    N_SrfExtractIsoCrv     Extract iso-curve from surface
  10. Reparameterize a curve
    N_SrfReparamMultKnots     Reparameterize curves with respect to arc length
    N_SrfReparamFunc     Reparameterize a curve with a B-spline function
    N_CrvReparamRat     Curve reparameterization with linear rational function
  11. Make curve end weights equal
  12. Reparameterize a surfaceN_SrfReparamArcLength     Reparameterize surfaces with respect to arc length
    N_SrfReparmRat     Surface reparameterization with linear rational function

Triangular tessellation of trimmed surfaces

      N_TessTrimmedSrf     Tessellate a trimmed surface
      ST_TessRegionOfRectangles     Triangulate a trimmed region bounded by many outer loops

Conversion between forms

  1. Conversion from NURBS to piecewise Bezier or polynomial spline form
    N_CrvNurbsToPiecewise     Convert curve into piecewise power basis form
    N_ConvertNurbsToPowerBasis     Convert surface into piecewise power basis form
  2. Conversion from piecewise Bezier or polynomial form to NURBS form
    N_CrvPiecewiseToNurbs     Convert a piecewise power basis curve to form
    N_ConvertPiecesToNurbs     Convert a piecewise power basis surface to form
  3. An extensive set of routines to support the evaluation and processing of Bezier and polynomial curves and surfaces

Conversion of NL_IGES curves and surfaces

      N_Iges100Arc     Create circular arc from NL_IGES Entity 100 data
      N_Iges102CompositeCrv     Create composite curve from NL_IGES Entity 102 data
      N_Iges104ConicArc     Create conic arc from NL_IGES Entity 104 data
      N_Iges106LinearCrv     Create degree 1 curve from NL_IGES Entity 106 data
      N_Iges108Plane     Create bounded plane from NL_IGES Entity 108 data
      N_Iges100Line     Create bounded line from NL_IGES Entity 110 data
      N_Iges112CrvNonRat     Create curve from NL_IGES Entity 112 data
      N_Iges114NonRatSrf     Create surface from NL_IGES Entity 114 data
      N_Iges118RuledSrf     Create ruled surface from NL_IGES Entity 118 data
      N_Iges120RevolvedSrf     Create revolved surface from NL_IGES Entity 120 data
      N_Iges122ExtrudedSrf     Create extruded surface from NL_IGES Entity 122 data
      N_Iges124Matrix     4x4 transformation matrix from NL_IGES Entity 124 data
      N_Iges126Crv     Create curve from NL_IGES Entity 126 data
      N_Iges128Srf     Create surface from NL_IGES Entity 128 data

Curve and surface extensions and boundary modifications, with continuity control

      N_CrvExtendByDist     Extend a curve a given distance
      N_CrvExtendToPt     Extend a curve to a point
      N_SrfModifyBoundaryCrv     Modify surface to assume new boundary curve
      N_SrfExtendByDist     Extend a surface a given distance
      N_SrfExtendToCrv     Extend a surface to a curve

Miscellaneous curve and surface routines

  1. Arc length of a curve segment
    N_CrvArcLength     Compute arc length of segment of curve
  2. Project a point to a curve or surface closest point projection, given a point on a curve/surface, to determine the corresponding parameter space value
    N_CrvClosestPtMultiple     Global curve point inversion/projection
    N_CrvClosestPt     Curve point inversion/projection using Newton's method
    N_SrfGetClosestPt     Surface point inversion/projection using Newton's method
  3. Given a tangent direction on a surface, determine the corresponding direction in parameter space
    N_InvertTangentSrfCrv     Surface curve tangent vector inversion
  4. Reverse parameter direction of a curve or surface
    N_CrvReverse     Reverse a curve
    N_SrfReverse     Reverse a surface
  5. Unclamp a clamped curve or surface
  6. Scale/translate the parameter domains of a curve or surface
  7. Various conic utilities; e.g. determine type of conic, implicit equation of conic, and geometric characteristics of a conic vertex, radii, axes, etc
    N_ConicCalcGeomDef     Compute geometric definition of conic
    N_CalcConicImplicitEq     Compute the implicit equation of a conic curve
    N_CalcConicShapeFactor     Compute conic shape invariance
    N_ConicGetType     Determine the type of conic
  8. Computation of minmax box of curves and surfaces
    N_CrvGetBBox     Compute min-max box of a curve
    N_SrfGetBBox     Compute min-max box of a surface
  9. Make a set of curves or surfaces compatible same degrees and knots
    N_CrvsMakeCompatible     Make curves compatible
    N_CrvsMakeCompatibleAdjKnots     Make curves compatible using knot adjustment
    N_CrvsMakeCompatibleApprox     Make curves compatible using approximation
    N_CrvsMakeCompatibleConstraints     Make curves compatible with approximation & constraints
    N_MakeSrfsCompatibleUV     Make surfaces compatible
  10. Analyze curves for cusps, straight line segments, and degeneracy’s.
  11. Curve and surface cleaning, with reparameterization for enhanced cleaning of piecewise Bezier curves and surfaces
    N_CrvRemoveAllKnotsArcLen     Clean curve
    N_CrvRemoveKnotsTangentConstraints     Clean curve with end tangent control
    N_CrvRemoveDegenSegs     Remove degenerate segments of a curve
    N_SrfRemoveAllKnotsArcLen     Clean surface
    N_SrfReparmAndRemoveKnotsKeepBoundaries     Clean surface with boundary constraints
  12. Approximately equally spaced points on a curve
  13. Points on a surface
    N_SrfEvalPtGrid     Compute a grid of points on a surface
    N_SrfEvenSpacedPts     Compute equally spaced points on a surface

Scalar-valued functions of one or two variables

  1. Creation of scalar-valued NURBS
  2. Functions of 1 or 2 parameters
  3. Evaluation of scalar-valued functions, including derivatives of any order

A complete set of functions to process Bezier curves and surfaces

B-spline and basis functions

Evaluation of rational and non-rational basis functions.

For curves:

N_SrfNonRatBasisDerivs, N_BasisEvalArray, N_CrvRatBasisDerivs, N_BasisDerivs, N_BasisDerivsArray, N_BasisEval, N_BasisIDerivs, N_BasisIEval, N_CrvBasisDerivs, N_CrvBasisIEval, N_CrvRatBasisIEval, N_CrvRatBasisIDerivs

For surfaces:

N_SrfRatBasisDerivs, N_SrfRatBasisIEval, N_SrfRatBasisIDerivs, N_SrfBasisDerivs, N_SrfBasisIEval

Differentiation of curves, surfaces, and basis functions with respect to a knot

        N_SrfDerivKnot     Compute derivatives of a surface wrt a knot
        N_CrvEvalFirstDerivKnot     First derivative of a curve with respect to a knot

also see: N_BasisKnotDerivs, N_CrvRatBasisKnotDeriv, N_BiBasisKnotDeriv N_SrfRatBasisKnotDeriv, N_BasisIKnotDeriv N_CrvRatBasisIKnotDeriv, N_SrfRatBasisIKnotDeriv

Symbolic operators

  • Extract derivative curves and surfaces
  • Compute maximum bounds on magnitudes of curve/surface derivatives
  • Form linear combinations of curves/surfaces
  • Extract the surface of normal vectors to a surface
    N_ApproxNormalSrfWithSrf     Approximate unit normal surface of NLib surface
  • Compute various products of curves, surfaces, and functions

 Basic geometric computations and constructions

An extensive set of functions to perform basic geometric operations on vectors, lines, polygons, and planes; this includes distances, projections, intersections, bounding boxes, transformations, closure, and containment tests

Basic math routines

An extensive set of functions to perform basic mathematical and numerical operations such as matrix algebra, solution to linear systems of equations, Horner evaluation of polynomials, polynomial root finding, and computation of the binomial coefficients

Other utilities

A very large set of low-level curve and surface utilities; e.g. copy a curve or surface, input/output a curve or surface from/to an ASCII or NL_IGES file, inquire curve or surface attributes closed?, rational?, etc

Curve and surface error handling

An extensive set of functions to check validate object data and set error flags; e.g. validate the data defining a curve or surface object, and check if a parameter is within valid bound

Legal Stuff

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